Air Pressure Testing

You will need an Air Pressure Test carried out to identify air leakage within a building; air leakage equates to heat loss and higher energy usage.

It is important to ensure that air leakage is kept to a minimum as a leaky house will be more difficult and costly to heat. APT is a requirement of Part L of Building Regulations for England and Wales and without it you are unable to complete your SBEM calculations.

APT is designed Non-domestic buildings under 500m2 are not required to have an APT but we often advise that it should be carried out as non-testing results in a default score of 15.

The current APT target is five, so it’s in your interests to carry out the test and make the property as marketable as possible.

Making it work for you

We know it is essential for you to have your Air Pressure Test completed quickly and professionally and to get that all-important pass score.

Our experience carrying out these tests allows us to advise you prior to testing and offer solutions to improve your result.

If your property should fail, we will be on-hand to work with you to make sure a pass is achieved, and if we can re-test the property on the same day there is no extra charge. Ask us how we can help.

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