Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

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What are the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

From April 2018 changes to legislation will make it unlawful to agree a new lease for a commercial property with an Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) rating of
F or G.

Who will MEES apply to?

MEES will apply to new lettings and lease renewals on or after the 1st April 2018, the landlord/property owner will need to ensure that the property meets MEES before the lease is granted. However as of 1st April 2023 all privately rented property will be required to meet MEES.

Are there any penalties for noncompliance?

Financial penalties are linked to the rateable value of the property, but it could be as much as £150,000.


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MEES: How we can help

Step 1

Allow us to do the following:
Review your portfolio of buildings to determine which are at MEES risk. There are a number of initial step 1 considerations including: reviewing expiry dates of passing leases and EPCs, accessibility of EPC data files, lease terms, exemptions and point of contact.

Step 2

We then do the following:
If EPCs are in place and up-to-date we can attempt to source the original data files. By accessing the original INP/XML files we show you the most cost-effective and beneficial ways to improve your EPC rating through different retrofit measures which will be detailed in a comprehensive report.

Step 3

If your clients are looking to transact on a building for either acquisition or disposal, Energy Report can help. This software report solution identifies retrofit measures and costs for repositioning a building’s EPC rating out of MEES risk – helping you to help your clients identify and mitigate MEES risk and negotiate on asking price. ALSO, the report can be used as supporting evidence to apply for an exemption to the MEES

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