london-skylineThe next stage of the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance – Standard 35 – Zero Carbon Homes comes into force from the 1st October 2016 as set out in the Mayor’s Sustainable Design and Construction SPG 2014.

In contrast to the Governments recent decision to shelve the Zero Carbon Homes Policy (as reported earlier) and the Governments guidance that local planning Authorities should not set energy standard requirements above those set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4. The Mayor of London is proceeding with the requirement for all residential developments to be Carbon Zero commencing October 16.

Developments will be required to demonstrate that at least a 35% reduction in CObeyond part L 2013, the remaining 65% will be required to be offset through an off-site renewables solution or a cash in lieu contribution to the local authority. The money will be ring fenced by the Authority to be used solely for delivering CO2 savings elsewhere.

Off-site solution will be required to be agreed directly with the local authority in question taking into account the suitability and need for that solutions. An example of such would be supply and installation of a PV system to a local school within the borough to off-set the CO2.

Cash in lieu payments to the authority levels are to be set by each authority, though the GLA does offer a figure of £60/tonne for a period of 30 years’ as guidance where authorities have not established a price.

The GLA requires that an Energy Statement be submitted with any planning application. This statement is to follow the guidance and requirements set out by the GLA and follow the energy hierarchy.