Energy Statement – Residential

What is an Energy Statement?

An Energy Statement or Energy Report, is increasingly required by planning authorities as part of all but the smallest planning applications.

The report calculates the predicted energy and CO2 emissions of a new development and provides a strategy to reduce these levels to meet the requirements of your planning authority.

Your strategy is a blueprint for you to move forward with your development and from this it will establish how you embed low carbon technology, energy efficiency and insulating materials within your building.

What we can do for you?

Our experience at developing energy statements and advising on projects of all sizes and uses means that we can identify areas where reductions can be achieved whilst minimising financial impact for you.

Researching new technology or simply sharing new ideas can make all the difference to your build, we keep up to date so you don’t have to.   Get in touch to see how we can benefit your project.

If you need help devising an Energy Statement or Sustainability checklist  in Greater London then we can help.

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